Day 1; Ugh Heart Break </3

Everyone calls me B, well i’d like to think so anyway it sounds cool lol. If you haven’t checked out the basics about me then you should before I go into this post as its gonna be a long one, TRUST.


When typing this,  just the word ‘Heartbreak’ freaks me out.

Giving someone your time, effort, love and dreams for one day it all to suddenly change can’t be described in a feeling. Being brought up in a Christian home and now discovering JC for all the glory he is makes the dating scene so much more that its set out to look like in culture today.As a daughter of the KING us girls should have our standards high but also treat a man with respect. This is my story of being tempted and how to have the courage to listen to God and follow his plan.

Story Time

Lets call him Wes, cool name right??? It was Oct 2016, I was visiting a church in the area for the first time where they had a social night for the students. During the discussion time a cute guy Wes was sat opposite me, quite but had some good points to make about the scripture we were reading.

>>>Fast Forward to March 2018>>>

Me and Wes followed each other on social media and conversation started to flow. I remember telling EVERYONE how excited I was as I then found out he as the pastors son. I mean… ISN’T THAT WHAT EVERY CHRISTIAN GIRL WANTS?!?! He had an amazing family, great up bringing and for our first date we went to Starbucks… at the time I thought this is what God has been waiting to give me, he was the one!

As we got to meet up more and study the word together the relationship started from there. I felt myself falling for him more and more every day. And then…. the first RED FLAG. We went out on a double date with friends and I even prayed in the toilets for God to show me that night if there were any red flags and he did massively! Im not going to go into much detail but that was the first time we broke up.

If I’m honest I don’t actually know how many times we broke up, the relationship was so unstable we would keep trying for it to never work. Since that night there were so many red flags, jealousy, lies, outbursts, name calling everything that wouldn’t be in a Godly relationship we had. We would pray together to ask God to bless the relationship but there was nothing to bless. I was blinded by the love I had for him which wasn’t a ‘Christian relationship’; I wanted him to be everything I had hoped and prayed for. But he wasn’t:( Its sad and hurts a lot:(

You won’t understand how I feel, you could say I forced myself into it and Ive wasted a year and a half. But at least I know now what I want out of a relationship right? I now know that God has the right man for me and even though it wasn’t Wes going into a season of singleness is just what I need. Time to refocus on what God wants to do in my life and grow deeper in faith with him. I know this will be one of the most sweetest times I have with the Lord and he will break the spiritual chains from the relationship.

This is Day 1, still really raw but I know God will heal!

*I Know this is short but I’m gonna get the hang of this!*



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